Новая рецензия на "Planetary Cancer"

13 января 2017 г.

Читайте новую рецензию на альбом "Planetary Cancer".

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It takes a little while for this album to warm up. The opening track does very little for me however, Fallen One and the title track perk my interest immensely by sounding very familiar. Think vocals by way of Paradise Lost vocalist Nick Holmes complemented by a Brain Fair (Shadows Fall) edge.

The music itself has slight doom undertones (much like Shades of God/Icon era PL) though chugs along at a decent gallop encompassing a well-executed melodic death style courtesy of Dark Tranquility or In Flames (the two sound rather similar in my opinion) also. Very discernable too is the groove metal element. The riffs and rhythms are surprisingly effective, unpredictable, addictive and catchy without once dipping into brutal blast beat or chaotic territories.

Various guest musicians make appearances on several tracks, mostly guitar solos, including but not limited to Marios Lliopoulos of Nightrage fame, in the track Hate Inside and Lauri Tuoimaa ex- Charon in the track In the Deep.

Invisible Lives is a palette cleanser and sports dominant female vocals (courtesy of Rachel Grech – Blind Saviour) for a heavy Nightwish/The Gathering aura. Strangely still very listenable regardless of the fact it’s by far the mellowest track found here.
In conclusion Planetary Cancer breaks no new ground in relation to the melodic or even the groove metal scene. Although with this in mind it remains however, a very easy listen boasting excellent production and no sign of filler material. In essence this is an album that’s hard not to like immensely which only gets better the more you submerge yourself in it. A fantastic collection of tracks from a three piece, you may not have heard of even though they’ve been on the scene over twenty years and know exactly how to keep the metal ears happy.

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