Альбом "Loss" в The Metal Mag: 98 из 100 баллов!

30 ноября 2017 г.

Французский сетевой метал-музыкальный ресурс The Metal Mag (www.themetalmag.com) опубликовал рецензию на наш новый альбом "Loss".

Dissector : “Loss” Digipack CD & Digital October 2017 Self release.

Russian Thrash Metal band .

Yan is back and still creating new tunes and always having guests Marcos Rodriguez playing guitar solo on the first song “We are the voice” from RageShawn Mizzi playing guitar solo on the second song ” The Architect” and the fith song “Spark” from Angelcrypt , Rudiger Nitz on the “German” narration parts. Bringing some great album to kick your ass big time. A softer heavy voice than previous albums it keeps its way to the Thrash we all love. Touching sometimes the modern bands even the power of Metal bands such as Sabaton. They will kick Wacken if they were playing  live gigs…

The last song “Metal on Loud” just spread the whole album as heavy as possible. Their is a bonus track in Russian. Ten tracks of pure power with great mix to bring you joy and happiness with an amazing mix  done in different studios for each instrument giving this particular sound to explode your ears.  Influences such Holy Moses, Destruction, Kreator, Deceased, Tankard…early bands as new ones it kicks serious ass!

Edited, mixed and mastered: by Theodor Borovsky at Slaughtered Studio, Moscow/Russia; Logo and artwork by Pablo Antonov.

Purchase it on CD at Bandcamp  or digitally in all biggest music webstores:
iTunes – https://goo.gl/yJEfMv
Amazon – https://goo.gl/au6EPr
Spotify – https://goo.gl/oGKtPB
Google Play – https://goo.gl/JQN6Kj

Get this awesome album that will blow your mind with strong lyrics, this  band is surely a one to support 98/100.

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